About Douwe Osinga

Welcome to my "HomePage" - it sounds ancient, but then again, it has been around since 2001, so there. I needed a place to put some random projects. It turns out that projects rot though, so some of the older stuff might not quite work anymore. Most of it is on github though, so feel free to send a pull request.

Douwe Osinga About me: I'm Douwe Osinga, born in Haarlem, the Netherlands. After college I started Oberon which is still going strong. The first travel startup I did with my brother was World66, now part of Wikitravel. After that I joined Google working from Zurich, Hyderabad and Sydney. In 2011 I started the Berlin based Triposo another travel company. I now live in New York where I started Neptyne, a programmable spreadsheet that runs Python.

I like to do stuff on the boundaries between technology and creativity. If Nietzsche wanted to be the philosopher with the hammer, today's hammer must be software and code a decent way to think.s

I sometimes get questions how my name is pronounced:
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