About Douwe Osinga

Welcome to my "HomePage" - it sounds so 90s as does this website look. But I only started it in 2001, so there. I needed a place to put some random projects. It turns out that projects rot though, so some or a lot of stuff that you'll find here doesn't quite work anymore.

Douwe Osinga About me: I'm Douwe Osinga, born in Haarlem, the Netherlands. I used to run my own company, Oberon Medialab, before Google hired me. I worked for Google in Zurich, Hyderabad and Sydney. In 2011 I started my own startup Triposo and have been living in Berlin since. I've recently decided to take a sabbatical and am now hacking around in the world.

I like to do stuff on the boundaries between technology and creativity. Nietzsche wanted to be the philosopher with the hammer, why not think with a mouse?

I sometimes get questions how my name is pronounced:

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