What can I say? I like travel both as something to do, something to start companies around and something to write software about if that is a thing. So here are some projects that are travel related. And please stop me if I start a third travel startup.

Triposo Travel Guide

Triposo was a startup whose goal it was to write a travel guide of the world using AI and the content on the web. Got reasonable traction but might have been a little too early for its time. Was fun though.

Deep Travel

A world travel guide generated by GPT3 trained on a small set of descriptions of cities and their highlights. Even though the writing may sound natural and convincing, a lot of it is completely made up by the AI. Do not trust it for your next trip.

Never Sleep

They say New York is the city that never sleeps. But is it true? This visualization shows the relative popularity of bars over time for a variety of cities. Take it into account when planning your next trip.

An AI Guide to the US

Generated using stable diffusion, here we have the states and DC each represented by an image of their top attraction. Top attractions were determined using GPT-3 so it's a fully AI generated travel guide.

World66 Travel Wiki

World66 was my first travel startup. The idea was to let people write a travel guide of the world, wiki-style. It actually predates the wikipedia, so we might have been on to something. The site got sold and then merged with wikitravel. Wikitravel is still around, but world66 is not.

The Travel Belt

The Triposo travel belt is an implementation of an old idea of mine to give people a sense of direction by adding little buzzers to a belt that are connected to a device that knows about locations, in this case a smart phone. Every time you need to turn in a certain direction, the buzzer in that direction will go off and you can move around time without having to look at your phone.

Mercator Projection

Mercator projection is bad. By enabling the pole to be changed, we can better understand the distortions caused by the Mercator projection.. Make Greenland small again!