Google Hacks

Google Hacks is what made this site, but unfortunately with theremoval of almost all of Googles search APIs they more or less allstopped working. I've removed them and leave this page for historicreasons. If you know of a stable search API, ping me!

Culture Lens

Translating words from one language in another seems straight forward enough. But translating one word to a different culture is sheer impossible. Breakfast translates to 'Ontbijt' in Dutch, but the meal differs significantly. Culture Lense shows this by using Image Search to visualize words not in different languages, but in different cultures.

Word Color

Calculate the color associated with an image by averaging the images when searching for this word

Mapped Web

Physical distances are not the same as psychological distances. Physical distances are easy enough to measure, but how do we go about measuring psychological distances? The Mapped Web does this by taking the chance that given a page contains the name of one country it will also contain the name of another country as a measure for psychological distance. The resulting images show us how close countries are to each other in psychological terms.

Google Chat Bot

Ever wondered what Google would say if it could talk? Wonder no more. Enter three or four words and Google will finish your thoughts by searching for what comes next after these words. [Broken]


Land Geist is a combination of Googles Zeit Geist, Google Mind Share and Visited Countries. For keywords like 'war', 'poverty', 'party', this project shows which country (names) have the highest relative scores (google shares). [Broken]