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Droste Movies

Small project to create movies from pictures that could "recurse", i.e. part of the picture could be replaced by the picture itself. Especially relevant in these days with everybodytaking pictures using cell phones all the time.

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This project started from the observation that these any time something of note happens, people get out their phones to record it. But the phones don't just record what is happening, they also rebroadcast what is happening using their screen. So a beautiful sunset is now surrounded by phones that all show small pictures of that beautiful sunset. The iPhone has made the world recursive!

Beach Movie

We can visualize that by zooming on that picture until we see what the phone is seeing, i.e. the event we are witnessing. Or we can cheat a little and show the scene itself in the phone, which will lead to infinite recursion, or the Droste effect:

It also works of course when there are multiple phones:


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