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Eddie the DJ

Eddie lets you manage your music on your computer by voice commands. Source in Delphi and Python included.

Eddie sprang from the realization that speech recognition is only useful if you're not next to the computer. Next to the computer you might as well type. My music is played by my computer and when I am in the kitchen and want to skip a song, I need to walk back to where the computer is. Eddie is a program that lets you control WinAmp by voice.

There are two versions of Eddie available here, one in Python and one in Delphi. Both work about the same, the one in Delphi is slightly more sophisticated. It was used for a magazine and needed more polishing. The Delphi version contains a unit to remote control WinAmp 2.x and 3.x.

Note that you need the Speech API SDK of microsoft to use these programs.

Update: I created a very basic implementation of this in Python based on the Wit.Ai API. It is available on github if you are interested:

downloadable files: Delphi version of eddie, including source. Contains the python code, which is simpler than the Delphi code, but does not work with WinAmp 3.X. WinAmp23.pas lets you control WinAmp from Delphi. Note that this unit does more then implement the WinAmp api. It also works with WinAmp 3.X (by using SendMessage(WM_KEYDOWN).