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Mercator Projection

Mercator projection is bad. By making it possible to change the pole, we can see how really bad it actuallyis. Make Greenland small again!

This is a project I developed during a hackathon at Triposo. It demonstrates something we all (ought to) know - that the Mercator projection is bad. It is just that we don't usualy realize how bad.

The script allows you to change the poles of the world and have the world be reprojected on the mercator map. Greenland on Mercator seems really big because it is close to the pole. If you move Africa to the pole and then reproject, things look dramatically different. But not less accurate. It's definitely fun to play with and we might learn somethign too.

The javascript is done using Processing, which I wanted to check out. The math more or less seems to fit, though sometimes there's a hick-hup, so maybe it isn't perfect.

center lat: center lng: rotation: