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Offline Movie Reviews

Toy app for me to learn Swift, but also kinda useful as it lets you take reviews of movies with you in the plane so you can decide what to watch while not having access to rotten tomatoes.

Airplanes don't fly faster than they did 40 years ago, nor do they provide us with more legroom. But we did make a lot of progress when it comes to personal entertainment on board. Most airlines these days will provide you with your own screen and a selection of movies to while the time away. They'll also usually insist that all their movies are just great. And while most will improve with each consumed Gin & Tonic, it still helps to pick one with a good base score. This is where the offline movie reviews app comes in.

Right now offline movie reviews is only available for iOS - get it from the appstore

If you are interested in how it works, check out the blog post

You can get the code from github at