Sea Level Rise

A little program that allows you to see what would happen to the coastline of europe with the sea at a certain level.

I was writing in my blog about where Atlantis might have been. My theorie is that it had been in t he Mediterranean during the ice age when the street of Gibraltar was still closed and that when the street opened again the whole thing flooded. Anyway, I wanted a little program to create some images about coastlines at various water levels and finding none, I wrote my own.

The data is from freegis, though I did some processing on it.

Here is an animated screendump:

This software is released under the GNU General Public License.

downloadable files: Heights of europe. 16 bit integers, X x Y of heights in Meters on a 1024x768 grid The sources for the project not including the heights table. Contains the executable + data to create images like above