The AI not taken

Based on OpenAIs DALL-E-2, The AI not taken generates illustrations for well known poems. For each poem there is an associated artist (usually from the same time, maybe same style) that is used to create an image in that style matching each line of the poem.

Pick a poem :

Poem by Langston Hughes, illustration by DALL-E-2 based on Jacob Lawrence work.

When DALL-E-2 came out it blew my and many others minds. It could generate any image from any text. Those images now look rather primitive, but in a way that makes this project even more interesting. By asking the AI to draw pictures matching a poem we get something that more or less lines up, but the clumsiness of the AI makes it more authentic.

For each poem we have an associated painter. The AI will convert any sentence into an image - what we do here is pick for each poem the associated painter and then ask the AI to create a picture for each line in the poem with the prompt:
    Painting in the style of [painter] depicting [poem line]
See this post for more details.